Sunday, October 11, 2009

The name change of Abram and Sarai

Why Hebrew? Because I have come to believe that it is eventually a shortcut to understand the Bible.

Each Hebrew letter has meanings just like Chinese characters do.

Here is one of the examples I learned from making efforts to understand Hebrew.

When Abram's name changed to Abraham, and when Sarai's name changed to Sarah, we (English readers or Japanese readers) learn that Abram means 'exalted father' and Abraham means 'father of a multitude". Sarai means 'my princess' and Sarah means 'princess'. One website stated that the meanings of Sarai and Sarah are identical.

I learned that the letter H makes the difference. In Hebrew alphabet, the letter Hey ( H ) represents God's presence inside human. Interesting. Both Abram and Sarai received the letter Hey. Isaac was God's own fulfillment of His promise (Galatians).

Praise God.

(from 09/25/2008)

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