Sunday, October 11, 2009

Upon studying the Scriptures

My knowledge is not so broad but I love talking about the Bible. When we talk about the Bible, we can not ignore the Israelite people. When I was studying the Bible in a group, sometimes we were confused because different translations say different things. It is an endless discussion if we study every translation... then we add our own. Then I thought going back to the original language (Hebrew) would be the best way to study the Bible. Crazy thought? Even at my slowest level, having that knowledge I learned from the original scriptures makes it delightful to study the scriptures more. Then I am discovering that the Israelite people (or the Jewish people) are not really included in the picture when we hear teachings from the pulpit. I notice that as I read the Bible more. It is a strange thing. Then I became critical about teachings we are getting through some well known preaches.

When I study the Bible, I am reminded of what my friend said to me as I was pointing out some misunderstandings in the Bible we have been taught in Christian churches. She pointed out that a lot of people have come to know Jesus even through those messages...

I must have been becoming too proud and also too focused on details. I should look up often and make sure that I am saved by the grace of God, not because we know the Bible more. I understand that. And I will also keep looking up the words and studying because my heart rejoices as I do that. I am full of joy when I understand something....and I believe it is not because I am trying or I am 'getting there' or I am diligent. I believe God is revealing certain things to me when I go into the word of God. Anyone who go there will receive something from God!

So today I went to youtube and looked for some Hebrew teaching material. A lot of people are studying. I was encouraged. I haven't made much progress since I started learning the aleph-bet (Hebrew alphabet), but I am not giving up...

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