Sunday, October 25, 2009

New beginning, loving others

I came across this messianic rabbi's website and learned a lot today. (*^-^)b Thank you, Rabbi Levine. His message of "Rejoicing in the Torah" led me to repent of my stubborn attitude. He said that he noticed as he was reading a lot of articles about Genesis that people want to cancel each other out, so he decided to ignore all of that, because some things are not very clear in the Scripture. There is room for us to perceive differently. As I listened to his message, Christ's command to love one another came alive. We are called to love one another! Not to make a point and win in an argument. It was a wonderful teaching.

In the morning service at my church today we sang a song which says, "you're all I want." I always skip this part because I cannot say that Jesus is all I want a lot of times. Usually I quickly confess that to God during that song. It is a popular song among the Christians. Then the pastor said at the end of the service that sometimes Jesus is not all we want if we are honest (may not be exactly what he said), and I talked to him about that after the service. Rabbi Levine's message said that God saw that it was not good for man to be alone, so He made Eve. He said loving God alone is not enough. (This reminded me of the song.) We need to love others. That is so true. In loving others, we show our love to God.

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