Friday, October 9, 2009


My 'a-ha' moment came today.

The New Testament tells us that two disciples were walking towards 'Emmaus' after Jesus was raised from the dead. I was curious and looked up the word. It means 'bath water'. They were talking about Jesus, away from Jerusalem, as they were walking towards the 'bath water'.
To me, it sounds like they were going to take a little break from all the commotions and go to relax somewhere---like a spa.

Then I heard my son explaining something to his friend tonight. He was reading from his new book by Joseph Prince, a pastor in Singapore. I heard my son say, 'Emmaus means warm baths or warm springs'. ???!!! What timing! I didn't think anyone would care so much about what Emmaus meant. Pastor Prince says that nothing in the Bible is wasted. I believe that, too. But sometimes I wondered if I was getting too much into details. But curiosity is not so crazy after all. This pastor wrote about "bath water" in his book. I was excited to hear someone like a pastor writes about this. Pastor Prince says in his book that "the disciples' hearts experienced "warm baths'". It must have been like healing water to their soul because after this incident, they went right back to Jerusalem. They didn't need to rest in the spa. Instead, they were refreshed and had more energy after Jesus' living water!

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