Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Go forth! (Lech Lecha!)

Lech Lecha! ( Go forth!) is the title of the next portion. It is about Abraham.

I am thankful for the Old Testament! We say that OT = law and we are now living in the New Testament, and NT= grace. But there are different parts to the OT: before the law, the law through Moses, history, the prophecy. etc. It is not only the law. I am thankful for the specially-trained Scribes who hand-copied the OT with the strict rules. So even a little dot has been preserved and placed in the right place in the Book. I think the NT is sometimes like a commentary to the OT. The NT explains the OT and helps us understand more.

The beginning part of the Bible is free from the law.
Paul explains in his letter to the Romans.

Then the law came through Moses to protect the Israelite people.
Then Jesus came, and we don't need the law any more.

We are acceptable to God because of our faith. (Galatians)


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