Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old and New

Here is one of my favorite Cds. You can hear the sample music. It is called 'Old and New'. I listened to my CD so much that I couldn't listen to it for awhile then this came back into my life again lately. Everything in this CD is my favorite but there is a song called 'The Messianic Banquet', and I was fascinated by that tune. It is in Yiddish. The lyrics in the original language for this particular song was not included in the cover, so I was a little disappointed. I will probably never learn Yiddish but I would love to learn to sing this song. I looked all over for the lyrics in transliteration on and off for two years and suddenly I found it by accident yesterday. This is the lyrics for it. The children ask a Rabbi some questions and the Rabbi would answer. It is a Jewish folk song and the Jewish children sing this during the passover to ask the rabbi about the Savior they are waiting for. It is like a tongue-twister song.

What will happen when the Messiah comes?
What will we eat at the feast?
What will we drink at the feast?
Who will explicate the Torah to us at the feast?
Who will play for us at the feast?
Who will say words of wisdom for us at the feast?
Who will dance for us at the feast?

Here is the 5th verse that Avner & Rachel Boskey, who are Christians, added.

Who will redeem us so that we can partake of the messianic banquet?

The answer is
"Yeshua the Messiah will redeem us, and in His good gospel we will rejoice!"

I really recommend this CD.


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