Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Testimony from Lakewood church

Testimony of a lady from Lakewood Church

I certainly learned how to fight and keep focused by Dodie Osteen's teachings. I am grateful for her and also for Gloria Copeland's teachings. I had never listened to Gloria's teaching until a stranger contacted me and gave me her teaching CD's. He heard about me and wanted to pray for me. I am so grateful I "met" these teachings through him. Prosperity teachings? I hear criticisms but I am definitely grateful for their belief in healing. They caused me to look into the Scriptures more intently.

I am also grateful for the people at my church, The River, who keep standing with me.

I am also grateful for the teachings of The Bethel in Redding, California.

I am also grateful for the prayers of many different denominations. We are one in Christ Jesus.

Cancer is not mine. It does not belong to me.

Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23, 2011 - new lesions

The result of the scan showed some new lesions, but everything else was stable.
The doctor seems to think it is possible that the lesions may not be cancer. My husband and I are glad to hear that! We'll have to have more test and see.

God is happy when we have faith when there seems to be no hope.

Jesus came to the world to give us hope and life.
Faith in Jesus is not just a "beautiful thing" to have. It is life or death.

Jesus, I still trust in you.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

PET scan

Today I had an appointment for a PET scan.
I was praying and thinking about something to say to the scan tech person. Something that honors God and something that encourages me and hopefully him. I wanted to see God's glory.  This was my 5th time to see him. I ended up saying, "My body will not suck up any of the radioactive nuclear medicine you are about to inject in my blood." He smiled and said, "That's good!" It turned out to be more for me than anything else.  I think I was hoping that would be a prophetic word over myself. I prayed hard while I was waiting for the medicine to go through my body - for 90 minutes. I prayed, then fell asleep, then I prayed. I felt like I was ready when the tech came to get me.

On my way out, I saw somebody I knew. Her doctor found a spot in her lung. Without hesitation I reached out to her and whispered a prayer for her. I forgot how shy I was. When love is first, fear (due to shyness) disappears! I believe she will be okay.

The person I got to know through my brother-in-law texted me the other day. We haven't met each other yet, but we talk on the phone and pray for each other. She was also diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. When I talked to her about a month ago, she was coughing so much that she could not continue talking. Well, in her text the other day she said that her PET scan showed that the tumor had not only stopped growing but it has shrunk to almost nothing! I called her and she was not coughing at all this time. 

God does not change. I want to brag about Him.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

25th anniversary

We have disagreements in many areas, but praise God we celebrated our early 25th anniversary last weekend. The grass becomes green where we water. God loves us in every area of our lives. He makes a new way even when we felt like there wasn't going to be any. The enemy must flee when we resist. God is so faithful. We wait, and he comes.

During our celebration, we rode bicycles, hiked, and walked in one day. I felt great! Being able to do all those itself is a miracle for me.

Last week I went to my oncologist's office. He had skipped my maintenance med. twice due to my dental procedures (root canals) so I was naturally a bit nervous. I meditated on the scriptures of God's healing promises more than usual the night before. And God faithfully revealed his power in the result of my blood test and the blood pressure. They were perfectly normal!

I am thankful.