Thursday, October 8, 2009

my day today

Reading Phinehas inspired me to go back to Genesis and see what kind of background he had... I am using a roll of an old fax paper to do this because I figured it was going to be long. This is very interesting to me. If I can figure out how to input my picture of my genealogy project, I would like to upload it in my blog.

Today my son's friend came over and cleaned my son's room! My son helped him, of course. His friend was so good. His mom left the family long ago and he has been in charge of cleaning and other things around the house. This young man had a difficult time when he was a little younger, but now his life has changed because of Jesus. He told me. I am usually too shy to jump in and talk with teenagers (even among my kids' friends), but I sat with them while they came home from their part-time summer job for late dinner. We may think that those life-changing stories are only on TV shows or only in another country but it is happening around me (around my son). God is doing something in the next generation and they are inspiring us, the older generation, to dig into the Word. I have to admit that I am not as evangelistic as they are, but I am very encouraged!

They also inspired me to clean the laundry room today. That's good. ヽ(@^ー^@)ノ
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