Wednesday, April 11, 2012

highest regards on God's words

What am I doing?!
I confess that I never felt I had enough courage to join a support group for cancer survivors. I may sound selfish, or someone may even say I am in denial, but I wanted to keep my eyes on the LORD and didn't want anything/anybody that comes between me and God.  Lately I started doing some research. It is good to be educated, but I was doing it instead of reading and searching the scriptures. Then I started to feel down...

The scriptures, messages, and teachings for healing tell me to put highest regards on God's words. My heart agrees. Why am I looking for an answer somewhere else then? I repented. Chemo, radiation, juicing, herbs, natural treatment, and other approach are good because we take care of our bodies, which is the temple of God. But without the word of God, they are in vain.

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