Saturday, April 14, 2012

God says not to look around for help - Isaiah 41

I was reading some healing verses and a well-known verse from Isaiah caught my attention.

Do not fear, I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God....

Then I went to my Hebrew dictionary.

  • with you = The prime root word has meanings like "overshadowing by huddling together." This word (#5973) has meaning like against, before, beside, among, between, in...
  • be dismayed= gaze at (for help), inspect, consider, bewildered, depart, look (away), etc...
  •  strengthen = to be alert, on foot
  • yea = more over, furthermore, yet, even
  • help = surround, protect, aid, succor
  • uphold = sustain, maintain, retain

Then my conversation with God went like this:

"Do not be afraid! I am all over you." (After reading the description in the dictionary, I understood the word as this. My heart jumps with joy.)
"Do not look around for help because I am your God. I will let you stand on your own your feet and strengthen them." (Then I remember there were no feeble men in the tribe as the Israelite were leaving Egypt.)

"More over (or better yet), I will surround you, protect, and aid you."

"That is not all I will do. More over , I will maintain you with my strong right hand." (He will "maintain" me! Ooo I want to be off the maintenance medications! Okay, let's keep reading.)

I haven't look up the rest of the scriptures yet, but it is lovely. Especially the next sentence. I am in awe.

"You will seek them but will not find them."

I am keeping these words in my heart. Lord, I thank you.

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