Thursday, December 8, 2011

25th anniversary

We have disagreements in many areas, but praise God we celebrated our early 25th anniversary last weekend. The grass becomes green where we water. God loves us in every area of our lives. He makes a new way even when we felt like there wasn't going to be any. The enemy must flee when we resist. God is so faithful. We wait, and he comes.

During our celebration, we rode bicycles, hiked, and walked in one day. I felt great! Being able to do all those itself is a miracle for me.

Last week I went to my oncologist's office. He had skipped my maintenance med. twice due to my dental procedures (root canals) so I was naturally a bit nervous. I meditated on the scriptures of God's healing promises more than usual the night before. And God faithfully revealed his power in the result of my blood test and the blood pressure. They were perfectly normal!

I am thankful.

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