Thursday, November 3, 2011

change in treatment plan

My oncologist has always said that the treatment plan will remain the same, but he is changing it.

Me "Could you remind me the reason why I was inoperable? People are asking me and I can't remember the reason."
Doctor "Well, the cancer was all over you."
Me "But it is in one place in the upper lung."
Doctor "Mmmm. If it stays the same for one year, we can have a surgeon to take it out."
Me "It is staying the same since April."
Then the doctor wrote down that he may send me to a surgeon in April. (or something similar)

Just like that?
Compared to what it was a year ago, it is amazing!

God is still watching how his words are accomplishing their purposes. His words never fails.
I am just standing in awe.

I am sorry but I have to confess here that I still don't have courage to be a part of a support group. Maybe I should be there and encourage people, but I don't feel strong enough to do it. I encourage myself through God's words but I may be discouraged easily. I want to keep looking up. When the medical world says there is not hope, God is my only hope. No man can save me. I just stand in awe and praise him. :)

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