Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can we pray for other sick people while you are not yet healed?


Dodie Osteen went out to pray for the sick while she was still suffering from cancer. Some people encouraged me to pray for other people, but I haven't done it consistently.

In Genesis Abraham and Sarah were told by God's messengers that Sarah was going to have a baby a year later. They were too old to have a baby in human's eyes. After this Abraham still lied to Abimelek and told him Sarah was his sister. Abimelek took Sarah in, but was warned in his dream not to touch her. Then Abraham prayed for Abimelek and his household, and the wombs were opened and they could have babies again!

Abraham prayed for others so that they could have children while he was still childless!

I am learning that sometimes testimonies causes others to receive healing.

Let's have more confidence in God and pray for others.

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