Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dreams I had during chemo

First dream

I started to run away from a place that looked like a death house. I wrote about it somewhere in this blog.  It was right before the first chemo therapy.

Second dream

My husband was having me listen to some messages from The Bethel church in Redding, California. One of them was about a girl who can get a new body part for the person she is praying for. Then one night I had a dream. I was standing and looking up at the light blue sky with some clouds. I didn't know where it was. Then suddenly 2 right lungs came down and stopped in the middle of the air. (The cancer had been identified in my right lung.)  I could feel someone was standing next to me. After I stared at those two lungs for a short while, I said, "What am I doing? I need to grab the good lung!" (One was good, and the other was a bad lung.) I reached for the good lung, and I woke up.

Third dream

I was standing at a festival or something. Booths are there, and suddenly I was standing in front of a small table where a man was performing some kind of card magic. He moved his hands fast and something was done, but I didn't know what he did. Then the man said to me, "Didn't you get it? It means your liver is clear."

Some weeks later I received good news from the radiologist. The liver, lymph, and the bones were clear, and the size of the tumor decreased.

Benny Hinn

I decided to watch Benny Hinn one evening because I wanted to see some people healed and be encouraged. Have you heard of anyone placing hands on the screen with those TV evangelists and people are saved? I have. I thought I would try. (I know some people would laugh at me but I just thought I would try.) I knelt in front of the TV screen, placed my hands on the screen over Benny Hinns. He says, "Hmmm...Someone is healed from Lung cancer..."  Then he went on to say the person's name, and it was not mine. But you know what! This year I learned that I can received the crumbs that come off of the table, too. Immediately I said to myself , "I would take it!"  Through Benny Hinn or through Presbyterian's and Lutheran's faithful prayers, God can heal.

Yet another dream

I am still new to the church I attend. They are praying that more healing will happen at the church. They want to love God and love people. One of the pastors had said that he has not seen anyone healed after he prayed for them. He wants to see healing right in front of his eyes. I do, too. I appreciated his honesty. One Sunday morning I was wondering if I am going to that church or not (because my family goes somewhere else), then suddenly the pastor's serious face appeared right in front of me while I was asleep. I felt like maybe I was supposed to ask him to pray for me. I felt like it was God's way - using someone who said none had been healed after he prayed. God is full of grace! When I stood in front of him, he immediately said, "I had been looking for you." I knew I did the right thing that morning.

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