Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy encounters

Many divine encounters have been happening. They are stirring up my spirit to cause me to have desire to know God more. God is calling me to spend more time reading His word and listen to Him and just hang around with him more, I believe, because I was feeling down last week. I was not happy because when I had a chance to give a testimony unexpectedly, I felt like I was not giving glory to God. Does my heart really depend on God or chemotherapy and other vitamins? Cancer shrunk but why not total healing? Is it because I don't know God's word enough yet? I want to know God's way more!!

Those happy encounters were divine ones to stir up my spirit.
Yesterday I saw one of my friends' husband at a parking lot and he prayed for me.
 Last night at my friend's farewell dinner, one friend was simply sharing how she has been reading one chapter a day since the spring time and I commended her for that. It stirred up my spirit again to read the Bible and keep on reading. Today someone who wrote me an encouraging letter after he heard about me came by to drop off some CD's of healing teaching. We had never met before. He was a delight and the CD's are amazing. Godly people are around!!

Dodie Osteen said to read the Bible diligently in her testimony. She was healed of her cancer 28 years ago after she was told she had two weeks to live.

No time to waste!
I will stand firmly on the word of God!
Father, I will meet you in my closet now.

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