Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clear lung in X-ray

In 2010 an X-ray showed a mass in my lung which turned out to be stage IV lung cancer. The doctor said 6 months to 2 years to live, but my friends said not to receive what the doctor said. I googled stage IV lung cancer and many patients recommended not to think about the prognosis. I did many different things to cling to God more tightly than before because I don't see much good news for stage IV lung cancer patients in the medical world. But every single day God encouraged me in many different ways. Every single day I smiled and got up out of bed with much energy and went to work. I think it was amazing. In the beginning I had a lot of appointments. I used to get up extra early and went to work, went to appointments, and still worked 8 hours. Only God's encouraging power and prayers of family and friends and even strangers gave me ability to do it.

Today I had an x-ray. After all these expensive fancy scans and radiation and all that, I had an x-ray.

At the beginning I said to God I wanted to be free from cancer and from medication. I could see God was healing me, not instantly as I hoped, but gradually yet surely. I build up my confidence and faith more and more.  But I did not know how I could stop the medications I take via I. V. and orally.  The doctor said I would take them indefinitely. - I did not want to. Scan after scan showed the residue of tumor. It did not seem so active per scan but it was there, so the doctor did not want me to stop. Yet in my mind I was feeling like I need to stop the strong meds if I want to be well.

At church a friend of mine said,"Let's pray about that," and we did. Well, a couple of weeks later the oncologist said we can talk to the radiation oncologist and ask about CyberKnife possibility. The radiation oncologist seemed to have been waiting for me to come. I don't know how true it is but I felt like I sensed him expecting me. He asked me what I would expect from this. I said the cancer to be gone, and he said, "and?" so I said medicine free. He nodded because he knew that's what I said many months ago. He said my oncologist must agree with me, too. So they talked, and they must have agreed, and so I had the treatment done.

The x-ray looked clear. The doctor showed me one scan on one side and today's x-ray on the other side on the screen. The earlier one showed some cloudy part in the lung, but we did not see anything on today's. I hid the older one with my hand and asked the doctor what he would say about the x-ray if he did not see the other one. I was so excited so I don't remember exactly what he said but he said something like it would be a normal x-ray. He said to meditate on it as a Christmas gift or something like that.

Only God can time everything to work so good like this. I believe God. 

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