Saturday, November 17, 2012

Moving on after CyberKnife

On Halloween Day I  had my first treatment.  The day before that the machine was not functioning well, and they postponed my schedule. If it was in the past, I would have worried about it, then I wouldn't have liked to start the treatment on Halloween! But I now know that God is much bigger than any of these things. A well-known evangelist in Africa once said he only felt the presence of the Lord when other people were feeling the evil spirits around them. All we need to know is God's presence!! All of a sudden I got nervous and my heart started to beat fast right before my first appointment, but a thought came to my mind and I was saying that over and over. In my heart I kept repeating "If I doubt God now, then that would mean I am putting Jesus on the cross again. If I doubt now, that would mean I am saying Jesus' cross was not sufficient."  Jesus' cross WAS and IS sufficient!! Who am I to argue that?? Then, I have to stick with the truth. Tears came down at first, but I was at peace. Now I am done with all 4 treatments. The radiation will keep working inside, and I will have an x-ray in December. God is reversing my condition. I don't know why some people are healed instantly and why some people take time to be healed, but in each step I decided to seek the Lord. It is about lifestyle of choosing to believe and clinging to Him.

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