Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No diesease is seen

I was asking for NAD or NED. NAD stands for no active disease. NED stands for no evidence of disease. I held on to someone's chest x-ray report (without the personal information) which said, "unremarkable chest x ray."

I was asking God to let me hold the evidence like this in my hand.

I did it the other day.

It was not NAD or NED or "unremarkable chest x ray" because even though I could not see anything in the film, the doctor saw something. But it was scars.

It said "no acute process." My physician's assistant friend said it was the same as NAD!

The answer to my prayer quietly came to me on that day I got my report.

I am in awe. Thank you Jesus for your goodness, grace and loving kindness. Thank you for healing me. Everyday in past 2+ years has been an amazing miracle. I held an evidence in my hand!!!

X rays can't tell if one has cancer or not. But it was the x ray that showed something in the beginning. Now the mass is gone. The next scan will be in March 2013.

Thank you,


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