Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy are those who finds the meanings of the scriptures

Azazel is the Hebrew word for a scapegoat. Some translations make me think that it is the name of a place, including my Japanese Bible.

Negev is an example of confusion. Negev is a name of an area and it means south.  In some translations it is translated as 'south' and it is confusing.  Negev was where Abraham went from Egypt, which means he went up towards north, but if your Bible says south, then, it doesn't make sense and that causes people to say "See, the Bible doesn't make sense."

The word "lots" in "casting lots" is pebbles. This changes the picture we have in our own heads as we read the Bible, too. I would think of sticks or something. In Japan, we "draw" instead of "cast."

When you know the original meanings, it helps to understand the Bible more clearly, and different translations won't threaten you and makes you happy that the God of the Bible is still active and alive. I am happy.

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