Thursday, December 24, 2009

Demonstration of Christian love

My son loves the LORD and His words. He went to a church meeting one night (one of the churches he visits sometimes) and came back, looking solemn. O, oh..what happened? I started to be worried because even in the Christian world, people hurt people, and a lot of ugly things happen. I waited over night, then I asked him how the church was. He said the message was okay. Then I tried to tell him that it may not have been for him (trying to be an encouraging mom) and so on. BUT my wonderful God is already present in is life. God loves him more than I do. My son is experiencing and understanding much more than I can imagine. He said that he was blown away by the overwhelming love and support the church showed to the young speaker who gave a message that night. It is so precious. He is experiencing God's love. The look he had was not a disappointed look, but was a deeply-touched-by-God look.

I have friends in pentecostal church, Methodist church, non-denomination church, and so on. I still tend to judge by the names of the church, but I am quickly ashamed by my thoughts. Praise God. Who am I to judge if I don't know who they are? (even if I know who they are??)

Then I came across this tonight. I was touched by his statement. Here is Mr. Bill Johnson!

God is breaking down the walls among us.

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