Friday, July 26, 2013

other people's ministries

I just found out that pastor Benny Hinn remarried to his ex-wife in March! (Oops I should watch the news sometimes...)  I am very happy for them. He proclaims Jesus boldly all over the world and a lot of people listen to him. I didn't think he would fall apart like that. I am sorry I didn't pray for his marriage but I am so glad other people around him did.  People talk badly about many tv evangelists but I like them. Why should I hate them? You don't have to listen to all of them... I don't.

I would rather listen to someone who is passionate about God than someone who always points out what is wrong with other ministries. I wish that those who point out other ministries' faults would preach what they believe passionately rather than comparing "wrong" ministries to theirs. Focus on your positive part, please!!

This is just my heart's cry.

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