Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No doubt, no fear

The scan in February did not show anything on my rib. I kept telling the doctors that I was in pain but neither of them seemed to be concerned. They thought I might have cracked it...There was a new spot in my pelvic bone instead. My main oncologist sent me to a specialist in UC Davis. I wasn't going to do anything they might suggest but my husband and I went there to hear their opinion. I did not qualify for the trial medication at UC Davis because "the tumor was not big enough." It was good news.
I had a new spot in my brain according to the previous MRI.  We are watching the one in my brain.

In spite of all this I am happy now hat I am totally medicine free!!!

Now God's promise is really the only hope. There is nowhere else I can go to. I will still stick with my diet to care for my body. In the meantime, I keep walking with Him and talk to Him. As I read the healing scriptures and read/hear healing messages, I am building more relationship with God, and not just saying/reading/listening these words.

Then I had another MRI and PET on the same day just recently. How many times can a person do a PET scan??? This was my 10th one, I think... From the look of the nurse at the scan, I had a feeling the result was not good, and it wasn't. Cancer has spread once again.

The doctor wanted me to come in right away but I did not call him until the end of the day. I was at work when he left the message, and I wasn't going to let it upset me because I knew I was going to decline treatments. It turned out to be good to wait. As I was working at my desk, I had a chance to review God's promises in my mind and I remembered that from the beginning there was nothing the modern medicine could do. My doctors are super brilliant and kind, and they squeezed their brains and they cared for me. Thank you, doctors for all your efforts!! But now I must go on. Cancers usually try to come back. What am I going to do?


I am also learning about our incredible bodies. I apologized to my body for not caring for it properly. Now I want it to rest well from all the chemicals and radiations. I pray shalom over my body, and I pump in a lot of carrot juice. : )

I love the fact that one Christian doctor called the vegetable "lowly carrots." A lot of cancer patients use carrot juice and get better.  I think it is God's way!! God uses common things/people to perform miracles.

I am also reading a lot of books written by Dr. Toru Abo. He is a renowned immunologist and he said not to do chemo or radiation or surgery, and he also calls the cancer cells "WEAK."  He is not the only one who says to stay away from chemo or radiation. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, who is an MD in Japan and who also has a clinic in NY, also says the same thing. Well known people like Dustin Hoffman goes to see him.

My body has been ill, and now I am taking care of it better by doing good things to it. : )

Praise God who created our wonderful bodies.

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