Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brain MRI 7/2012

I had another MRI on my brain.

I was confident in God and also in physical condition. I have aches and pains but I felt my immune system was doing good, but a few days before the MRI I was in a spiritual battle. Negative thoughts came in and tried to bring the very negative imagination - like I was going to start deteriorating..  Then I realized God hasn't changed his mind. Jesus died for me once, and that was enough!! I concentrated my mind on God, trying to just focus on His goodness. He is the only one who can heal me. I listened to encouraging CD's like Graham Cooke's. They helped me tremendously. He assures us that God is on our side. When we are with him, we are battling from the winning side. I shouted in my mind, "Jesus!" many times...

The result was good!! My brain is good.

Praise and glory to God!! Thank you, Jesus.

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