Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter and Passover

Every year I wonder and still don't know the answer to this one question.
Who decides when the Easter Sunday is?
A lot of people say, "I thought the passover always came right before the Easter." I thought so , too. But it still doesn't answer my question. I understand why Passover date changes every year. Their calender is different from our 'modern' or 'regular' calender. I can't fully explain but it has something to do with the moon. Then why doesn't the date of Easter change with it? Easter date changes every year (it seems like), but doesn't go along with the Passover day. I feel like it should either change according to Passover, or if it is ignoring the Jewish culture, I feel like it should stay on the same date every year. It is strange. Am I crazy to think like this?

A few years ago Easter happened before Passover! Can that happen?? Then I wondered when the day of Pentecost would be... but no one was talking about it around me.... Without a bias, I sincerely think that Passover date would be always right. Then the day of Pentecost comes 7 weeks after Passover since it is a Jewish event. I have a feeling that many Christians don't really connect the Jewish ceremony and this Pentecost event have some connections. I certainly didn't hear about it for many, many years until I started to be interested in the Jewish culture. We are not bound by law, but just as we would like to know everything about someone we love, I would like to know these things accurately, realizing that we are now living in grace at the same time.

As I started thinking about those things and started googling, I found this web site. A lot of Christian people may think I am crazy, but I would like to pay attention to what this person has to say.


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