Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gift from God on a Saturday morning

After my graduation from a business college in January I tried very hard to find a job. There was one hospital I wanted to be a part of because their motto was based on the gospel of Jesus. But the door stood there as a giant wall and did not move. Then another hospital invited me in after the second interview. This is really my first professional full-time job because up to this point I have always worked for either my family or someone I knew. Naturally I was anxious. Then suddenly a lot of things happened in my life and my family's life. Why now? But it was now. My husband had one of the hardest week in his life during this time. I was stressed and could not function well for a little while...I was overwhelmed and my body simply refused to do all those things. I tried to do them but it was difficult.

After one event was over, I went to the woman's Bible study. The scripture we read was from the book of Job. Someone asked me if I felt like Job. I had no doubt the answer was "No," because even though it was a difficult time, it was not at all like Job, but our Father reminded me of what happens when we go through a tough time. It was revealed to me right when we were reading Job 42 in the Bible study!

5 I had only heard about you before,
but now I have seen you with my own eyes. (Job 42:5 NLT)

Because of this verse, I remembered that we choose to walk closely to God more when we go through hard times. Because we walk close to God, we experience God. I believe Jacob experienced the similar situation. God used to be his grandfather's and his father's God. But after his hardships, God became his God.

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