Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just wondering...

I was researching a certain topic and encountered with many different people's blogs and websites. Since I started to be interested in the original language, my eyes have been opened to see more people's websites with this topic. I feel like I am often changing my course of how I understand the word of God. Most recent change is from 'from Jewish point of view' to 'from the ancient Hebraic point of view.'

Why? I will write one example. If some animals are unclean to eat, I would think that it would be not-kosher. Kosher means ritually pure, fit, permissible, etc... If the Biblical unclean animals can be made permissible to eat by making it kosher somehow, would it become permissible because of the culture that developed over the long period of time? Can you really do that???
Then I realized how a pig was valued in the Leviticus days are very different in the 21st century. If I study the modern Jewish culture, it may not give me the accurate explanation of the Bible.

For example...
Right after I started to be familiar with some Hebrew words, I learned that the word 'Abba' was not Hebrew! It is Aramaic. But I heard some preachers (who studied Hebrew) say that it is Hebrew. Some people say that they heard little Jewish children say 'Abba' when they want their dad. I set this research aside for awhile because I didn't know what to think of it. Then I encountered with one website saying that the word 'Abba' used to be only in Aramaic, but in modern Hebrew language it is used as 'dad.' A-ha! Languages evolve. So if we learn from the modern Jewish culture, it may not give me the original meaning and intention.

So I thought that I need to go back to the original time and read the Bible through the ancient Hebraic point of view, and not form the modern Jewish point of view or from our own eyes in this time of the history in order to understand our God more. The Lord Jesus is for all of us who believe. I believe that. I am just curious to know more.

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