Friday, November 6, 2009

A year ago

In October 2008 I was laid off from my part time job after 8 years, and God opened a door for me to go to a vocational college. Usually I don't have much confidence in daily lives but when I was trying to decide whether I could go through a school or not, God gave me encouragements from different directions. The courage sprang up within me gradually to make a decision and jump into the program . The final encouragement from God for this decision came to me after I signed up. I came home that night and turned on DVR and watched Pastor Joseph Prince. He was teaching on tithes. We give ten percent to God because the number ten represents the whole 100 %, he said. We give him 10%, ( = first fruit) to God and he will bless the whole thing. Since 10% represents the rest of it, the whole 100% becomes blessed. All God wants is 10%. If the first fruit is holy then the rest is holy. Pastor Prince went on to talk about our brain. (as if this message was for me who didn't have confidence in my brain) People say that we use 10 % of the brain. Pastor Prince basically said that if we dedicate the 10% of our brain that we use, then the rest of it becomes blessed because the 10% we give to God represents the whole. This whole message made sense to me and I was greatly encouraged by it, because my concern had been that my brain may not be good enough to go to school. But God was encouraging me to simply give the 10% to God, then he will bless the whole brain! It may sound silly, but I believed. If I trust God in this and keep Him first, I believed God would bless me.

Now I am almost done with the program (it is a one-year program), and getting ready to go on. It was an amazing, amazing experience. I was so blessed. Praise God.

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. (Zech. 4:6)

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