Monday, August 22, 2011

One day at a time

In the very beginning of my journey of healing, I decided to choose life. (I learned it from Dodie Osteen's book.) Since then I have been choosing life one day at a time in the best way I know how. I wish I kept a journey every single day but I didn't because I was trying to just live literally everyday. Most of my energy went to just to eat well and sleep so that I could have enough energy to go to work and do the best I could. I never felt very sick, and I seemed to be living a regular life, but now I look back and I realize I had much less energy.

Now I am trying to write down all the scriptures I received from the LORD in one notebook.  Reading the scriptures with a Hebrew dictionary has given me great insight. I would like to share in my blog, but I haven't been organized enough to do so. I am happy to read those scriptures, to repeat and to think about it over and over. My heart becomes "full."

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