Thursday, July 21, 2011

癒しの祈りは続く。。。/ my healing prayer continues...

昨日はPhysical Therapy.



I went to a physical therapy yesterday for a frozen shoulder. It has been going on since lase December. It hurt a lot and I asked her to stop at the therapy!  Then I  went to an orthopedist today. They took an X-ray of my right shoulder. When the doctor showed me the X-ray on the computer screen, my eyes were glued to the tumor in my lung. I could see it clearly due to the location of the tumor.  I had never seen it so clearly. It looked like it was floating silently in my lung. I renewed my vow to keep standing on Jesus and the word of God again.

God's word will never fail.


mel14830 said...

praying for you! from NY

ruhamah said...

Thank you! :)