Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proverbs 4:20-22 basically NLT, with some explanation from the Hebrew dictionary.

Pay attention (= prick up ears), my child, to what I say.
Listen carefully (= stretch ears).
Don't lose sight of my words.
Let them penetrate deep within your heart;
for they bring life and radiant health (= medicine, cure, deliverance) to anyone
who discovers (= attain, acquire) their meaning.

God really wants us to focus on what he says. He doesn't favor one person. ANYONE who discovers, studies and finds the true meaning of his words can receive radiant health from them. Anyone!!

日本語には耳の穴をほじくってよーく聞きけ。。なんていいますが、それがこの”Pay attention”にあたる言葉にぴったり当てはまって、なんだかうれしくなりました。

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