Thursday, January 13, 2011

MRI again, and Hallelu-jah!

I just came home from a two-week trip to Japan to visit my family, and I had two days to get back to work. Also I had an appointment for another MRI. It was all on Monday. I had to sleep enough during the weekend so that I would not be tired on Monday at work. On Monday I left early to work, then went to get an MRI (I fell asleep in that noisy thing, praise God), and went back to work. I felt rushed. I felt like I did not ask enough people to pray for me. I started textting one of my friends, but before I could send it the MRI tech came to get me. I felt a little nervous, thinking that I may not have prayed enough, so I asked the MRI tech if she went to church. She smiled and said, "No," firmly. I then decided I was going to just trust God and not worry about other people's prayer for me. I just decided to leave everything in God's hands, again. I know God will remind my friends about me supernaturally if He decided to do so.

All healing comes from God.

On Wednesday my husband and I saw the radiologist who did the CyberKnife treatment on my brain, and the specialist who studied the MRI results.They showed us two pictures of my brain and gave us wonderful news. My brain is okay. No more lesions are found.

Praise the LORD!

Thank you, Jesus, for healing my brain.

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